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  • What's included in a consultation?
    Our in-depth consultation includes a 30-45 minute planning meeting, proposal with detailed spaces and products, timeline and deposit information.
  • Is a deposit required?
    Yes. A 50% deposit is required 1 month prior to your installation.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Check and all major credit cards are accepted.
  • How many ornaments per foot of tree?
    You will want to average 15-20 ornaments per foot of tree depending on size, style, and theme.
  • How many lights per foot of tree?
    Depending on the width of the tree you are looking at 150-200 lights per foot of tree. Plus, it's best to go with LED lights.
  • Can you have your house decorated for two holidays? (ie. Thanksgiving and Christmas)
    You may decorate for two holidays however want to tailor specific areas to the holiday. Tablescapes and rooms. We won't leave Halloween out during Christmas!
  • How do you hang ornaments on the tree?
    To hang an ornament on a tree you want to layer on the branches and secure it with a wire. Some on the inside vs outside of the branch. You don't want to just place the ornament on the end of your branch. Plus, it's good to coordinate when you place certain sizes and colors in the tree.
  • How do you do ribbon so well?
    It's our little secret however you want to pick several styles and sizes to give depth. Look out for our how-to video!
  • When is the best week to decorate and take down Christmas?
    The second busiest week out of the year for us is the week after Thanksgiving in decorating our clients homes and commercial spaces. The number one busiest week out of the year is taking down Christmas and that is the first week in January. All hands on deck!
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